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Wildlife Tours

How do we make Wildlife viewing in India Easy? 

To protect it's great variety of wildlife, India has eighty national parks and four hundred and forty one sanctuaries. They are spread all over the country, and offer numerous opportunities for the enthusiast to observe and enjoy a huge variety of wildlife. Two thirds of the world's remaining tigers are here, as well as the last remaining Asiatic lions. The gigantic one-horned rhino is found here, as is the Asian elephant.

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Birdwatchers can also select from various options, such as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, one of the Earth's most famous wetlands. There are dozens of bird species that flock to different parts of India from far away nations and continents. Every winter, Olive Ridley turtles swim thousands of miles to lay their eggs at the Bhitarkanika Sanctuary. They come ashore in huge numbers one night in either January or February, dig holes in the sand and lay their eggs in them, then cover them up with sand and head back into the ocean before dawn arrives.

Easy Tours Of India knows the best parks and sanctuaries, and hires the most skilled and experienced guides and trackers available. The best time to visit almost all these parks is from November through May. You can stay at comfortable to incredibly luxurious Jungle Lodges and venture out during the day to explore the parks and view wildlife. An elephant ride or safari into the jungle can be exhilarating and will provide memories that will last you a lifetime. Or you could sit and watch from a watchtower, and, in some cases, even take a boat trip to observe the wildlife. Please select from the available itineraries, or ask us to design a visit to include the parks or wildlife you'd like to experience.

We make wildlife viewing in India easy by combining a knowledge of the expectations and needs of western visitors with the realities of Wildlife Parks in India.

We make wildlife travel in India easy as we have the ability to arrange all aspects of your visit to India, starting from the United States, and going as far as giving you the option of combining other pursuits such as explorations of Nepal, Tibet, and the rest of India.




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