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Most of the 'Cities', 'Sights', and 'Parks' pages in the 'Information' section have links to relevant information that you can access. A few web based resources for our guests are also outlined below. There are a vast number of books and other materials available about travel in India. These chronicles are hard pressed to keep pace with the growth & changes constantly occurring all over India.

We recommend research before you finalize your travel plans. However, bear in mind that we're aware of the potential inconveniences that can occur. Easy Tours Of India coordinates your visit so that you seldom, if ever, encounter any of these obstacles.

Our most important resource is our staff. Their skill and dedication is the main reason for our being able to offer you the very best of India.

Government of India Tourism Websites:

Information on India 


Indian Embassy (in the United States) on:

Facts & Figures         The Land and Its People         Art & Cultural Heritage

Social Objectives         Industry & Economy         Science & Technology


Web-sites of the two largest national airlines:

Jet Airways (Largest non-state owned passenger airline)

Indian Airlines (State owned national airline)



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